Dominic Nocerino was born outside of Naples, Italy, and first discovered ‘passion’ in the form of soccer at the age of five. When his pro-level team negotiations went awry, he found himself in a path that took him from Italy to England, and finally on to America. His first sales territory took him through Chicago’s South side, unshaken at the sight of bars on the windows at the liquor stores he was to call on. For the past thirty years, his selection of Italian wines of distinction for the Vinifera portfolio has reflected true genius, earning him the honors “laser palate” and "palate tuned like a Ferrari." Much the dime-store philosopher, or Chinese fortune-cookie drafter, he regularly spouts truisms, such as “Quality is a direction – it is not an accident,” or “With both feet firmly planted, nothing can shake you.” In all he’s accomplished with Vinifera, and for Italian wine as an industry, his work has been nothing short of visionary.



Dom Nocerino has always had strong opinions, first evinced at the age of three, when he unabashedly offered Angelo Gaja ‘yuck’ as a tasting note for Gaja Barolo. When Vinifera moved from Chicago to New York in 1985 was when Dom joined our team: his first playpen made of wine cases, stacked high enough to keep him out of trouble. As a teen he possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of New York-related sports history, and was brazen enough to be a loyal Mets and Jets fan, regardless of their standings, and despite Dad's favoring of the Yankees and Giants. Dom’s B.A. in Business Administration grounds him in the pragmatic, yet his natural charm and ease are a delight.

Our Sales Associates bridge Italian wine knowledge with practical market concerns, simplifying the lofty or esoteric into something to be savored. More than mere wine ‘educators,’ our staff applies a creative approach to wine sales and marketing, and offers unique opportunities with tasting dinners, producer visits, and pre-buy promotions. They can tailor our offerings to suit your specific needs, and provide you with clear results.