A couple of links...H.Lun and Manincor.


The Alto Adige seems to be on the collective radar -and with good reason!


On an Alto Adige tasting up in SF, the pick of which was H. Lun's Sandbichler Cuvee:


On growing conditions in the Alto Adige, features biodynamic producer Manincor.


Links courtesy of Pietro Straccia + Vince Attard.


The 'Cantina' - where we keep the good stuff...

I welcome you to the (very modest) launch of our (modest) new blog!

I hope for it to become an informational storehouse of tips, links, and pics that pertain to not only our Products and Producers, but to fostering a community of Italian-focused vinophiles (of course, if you're a Vinifera-phile, even better!!).

As the kind of storehouse that gets people talking, I'm calling this my 'Cantina,' as it will offer the shelf-space for such rare gems, where, chances are, their value will improve over time.

Check back often, and share us online!




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